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Paliscope is another Maltego-like investigative platform

Allows you to collect information about targets from open sources and share it with other researchers.

Tool based on a YOSE AI search engine that can aggregate information from 3rd party services, as well as analyze already collected data; also include the  “Discovry” tool responsible for storing/managing the collected data for case study.

It contains a built-in browser with the functionality of creating multiple sessions, saving and indexing them, it supports the import of various documents, images, videos and email messages. All collected text, and other objects, are recognized and indexed, including metadata.

YOSE is able to identify: weapons, drugs, scenes of violence and pornography, documents, credit cards, money and other information; supports importing photos with people’s faces and searching them (aka FindFace).

The screenshot shows the result of analyzing the collected data using 4Chan-Scraper

YOSE helped to select information related to one specific person (including using the contextual analysis of his posts), who was distributing alt-right content on the imageboard, and also to identify his cryptocurrency wallets.

Ref: #gebutcher

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