How to hide private data?

The answer is to encrypt. But once we are using common computing environment together with family members, and they will see encrypted files, it will looks suspicious..

They won’t understand. They think: “He is hiding something. Maybe he started selling drugs?

Another thing is when the file is hidden in front of everyone’s eyes.

 In a normal .jpg picture on your desktop!

The OpenStego program encrypts the data and camouflage it as an image. Here is the list of supported formats: bmp, wbmp, gif, jpeg (jpg) and png.

Select a file → select a picture → set a password. Ready!

 Important: if the unwanted guests open the cache with an image viewer, he will see only the image without any “Enter passcode”.

 For such a window to appear, you need to open the file with an archiver application.

OpenStego has one more trick: you can add watermarks with an invisible signature.

 What for? To ensure that your file is not copied without your knowledge. When it has a watermark on it, you will always know that someone trying to keep eyes on you.


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