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PROFILEGPT: An Innovative OSINT Tool for Twitter Analysis

PROFILEGPT stands out as an innovative Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool, specifically designed for analyzing profiles and hashtags on Twitter. By leveraging a range of technologies and APIs, PROFILEGPT actively collects data and generates insightful information for its users. This tool offers a unique perspective into the world of Twitter.

Key Features of PROFILEGPT

Profile Analysis: PROFILEGPT enables users to delve into the details of a Twitter profile. Simply enter a Twitter username, and the tool retrieves a wealth of information about the profile. This includes the description, creation date, display name, location, followers count, friends count, and favorites count. PROFILEGPT combines the Twitter API with advanced scraping techniques to gather this data.

Hashtag Analysis: Moreover, PROFILEGPT offers a robust hashtag analysis feature. Users can input a specific hashtag, and the tool will scrape and analyze tweets associated with that hashtag. It retrieves a specified number of recent tweets and performs sentiment analysis. This process provides insights into the content, context, language used, sentiment, possible hidden meanings, and potential network of interactions based on replies, likes, and retweets. OpenAI’s GPT API, a state-of-the-art machine learning model, powers this analysis.

Technologies Behind PROFILEGPT

PROFILEGPT builds on a robust technological foundation, including Python, Flask, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and the snscrape library. It also utilizes the OpenAI GPT API for analyzing tweets.

Getting Started with PROFILEGPT

To start using PROFILEGPT, clone the repository, install the required dependencies, set up your OpenAI GPT API credentials, and run the application. You can then access PROFILEGPT in your web browser and start exploring its features.


Using PROFILEGPT is straightforward. Enter a Twitter username or hashtag in the provided input fields, click the “Search” button, and view the generated insights and reports on the app’s user interface.


PROFILEGPT is a powerful tool for anyone interested in gaining deeper insights into Twitter profiles and hashtags. Whether you’re a researcher, marketer, or just a curious user, PROFILEGPT offers a unique perspective into the world of Twitter.

In addition to PROFILEGPT, numerous other OSINT tools can enhance your data analysis and intelligence gathering capabilities. One such tool is Espy, a comprehensive platform offering a suite of OSINT tools designed to meet various investigative needs.

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