Imagine that you recently signed up for a new social media platform and started sharing personal information about yourself. What if one day you discovered that your private information, such as your email address, physical address, phone number, and even your other social media IDs have been leaked online? This is a real concern for many people, and that’s where ProfileNINJA, a service listed at RapidAPI marketplace, comes in.

ProfileNINJA helps you find out if your personal information has been compromised by searching leaked databases using your social media IDs such as Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn. This way, you can take action to protect yourself before it’s too late.

For example, let’s say you’ve been using Facebook for years, and you’re worried that your Facebook ID has been leaked online. All you have to do is use ProfileNINJA to search for your Facebook ID, and the service will check if your information is compromised. If it is, you’ll be able to see what information has been leaked, such as your phone number, physical address, and even your other social media IDs.

With ProfileNINJA, you can easily check if your social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook have been compromised. By searching leaked databases using your social media IDs, ProfileNINJA can uncover valuable information such as phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and other social network IDs.

For example, if you suspect your Facebook profile has been compromised, you can use the Search by FB_ID endpoint to find out if your personal information has been leaked. And if it has, you’ll be able to discover other important details that were leaked along with your Facebook ID.

ProfileNINJA has multiple endpoints for you to choose from, making it easy to find the information you’re looking for.


  • The endpoints include: Search by INSTAGRAM_ID,
  • Search by TWITTER_ID,
  • Search by VK_ID, Search by LinkedIn_ID,
  • Search by TELEGRAM_ID,
  • Search by FB_ID.

Try it now and see how ProfileNINJA can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your personal information.

Here’s an example JSON response from your API service “ProfileNINJA” that checks if personal information is compromised by searching leaked databases using social media IDs (Facebook, Twitter, VK, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn). The API has the following endpoints:

  • Search by FB_ID

Example JSON Output:

"id": 5136,
"isSuccess": true,
"criteria": "1347271***",
"type": "deepweb",
"status": "finished",
"percentage": "100",
"sources": [
"name": "facebookid",
"percentage": 0
"usage": "api",
"createdTime": "2023-02-01T17:48:50.038Z",
"requestId": "a686edb5-fc17-462e-87ba-5c7c432ca13a",
"requestIdFB": "a686edb5-fc17-462e-87ba-5c7c432ca13a",
"requestIdTW": null,
"requestIdINSTA": null,
"requestIdVK": null,
"requestIdLNK": null,
"isFree": false,
"apiDataEntities": [
"id": 24292,
"userId": 1050,
"requestMonitorId": 5136,
"data": [
"phoneNumber": 79031896***
"firstName": "Katargina",
"keyword": "1347271***
"gender": "female",
"lastName": "Svetlana",
"profession": "Foxproject",
"social_network": "***",
"type": "PlutoProfileItem",
"emailAddress": "[email protected]*.**",
"address": "Russia",
"FacebookId": 1347271***,
"customrequestid": "a686edb5-fc17-462e-87ba-5c7c432ca13a"
"from": "***",
"criteria": "1347271***",
"failReason": null,
"isFailed": false,
"createdTime": "2023-02-01T17:49:24.577Z",
"requestId": "a686edb5-fc17-462e-87ba-5c7c432ca13a"
"userId": 1050

Note: The "social_network" and "from" fields have been masked to "***".

ProfileNINJA is a unique and practical service that can help you protect your personal information online. It’s also great for monetization, as you can offer this service to your customers and help them protect their personal information. Additionally, it can be integrated with other web resources, such as Maltego, to provide even more valuable information.

In conclusion, ProfileNINJA is a must-have tool for anyone who values their privacy and wants to protect their personal information online. With this service, you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure, and you can take action if necessary to protect yourself.


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