Ultimate Tool for Private Investigator

Private investigators face the challenging task of extracting critical information from minimal data. Whether skip tracing, performing an asset search, or delving deeper into a case, precise and extensive tools are paramount. 

IRBIS PRO is the perfect companion for licensed investigators, offering a comprehensive, AI-driven approach to data analysis and investigation.

Powering Investigations with Advanced Data

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IRBIS PRO’s strength lies in its vast, AI-powered database. It integrates billions of records covering a wide demographic, ensuring fast, reliable, and accurate data retrieval. This robust system is the key to transforming complex investigations into manageable tasks.


Customized Reports for Streamlined Investigations

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IRBIS PRO understands the importance of tailored information. Our customizable reports allow private investigators to select specific data categories and receive comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports. This flexibility makes IRBIS PRO a superior choice over traditional OSINT tools.


A Comprehensive Suite for Every Investigative Need 



IRBIS PRO is not just a tool, but a complete investigative suite. Whether it’s a cold case, fraud detection, or forensic investigation, our platform significantly reduces the time and effort required to connect people and unearth crucial information.

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Diverse Data Types for Comprehensive Investigations

IRBIS PRO offers a wide array of data types to cater to every investigative requirement:

  1. Phone numbers and contact information.
  2. Images and online records.
  3. Email addresses
  4. Public usernames and IDs
  5. Social media insights and online footprints.
  6. Data search API for seamless integration.
  7. Batch processing for efficient group monitoring.
  8. Individual and group searches.
  9. Document and expend investigation reports.

With IRBIS PRO, you have the power to conduct thorough and effective investigations, accessible anytime and anywhere.


Join the Ranks of Top Investigators with IRBIS PRO 

We believe in democratizing investigative tools. IRBIS PRO is designed to be accessible and affordable, providing top-tier capabilities to freelance and agency-affiliated private investigators. Experience why countless investigators trust IRBIS PRO for their investigative needs. Our tool is more than software; it’s a commitment to empowering private investigators with the best resources.


Start your journey with IRBIS PRO today

*IRBIS PRO adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and ethical use. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

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