Centralized OSINT Investigation Platform

Full-suite of OSINT tools for web intelligence collection, analysis and reporting. Using the widest range of sources including: social media, search engines, mobile apps and deep web.


Insert Initial Data Point

Start investigating using a phone number, email, name, social ID, social groups, hashtag or others.


Automatic Profiling

Auto-collect relevant information from dozens of open sources, social media, and surface, deep and dark web.


Investigate with AI Analysis Tools

Further investigate using sentiment analysis, post timelines, social link analysis and more.


Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

Use an advanced monitoring system to auto-identify suspects using keywords, images and more.

Unified Intelligence Platform - Gain Full Control Over Threats & Opportunities

Complete suite of modular, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation tools


Generate highly accurate and reliable profiling data with a real-time identity profiler.

The Target Profiler supports the complete OSINT workflow cycle including collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of OSINT web sources.

By identifying all types of phone-based data and social network activity information, it enables intelligence and investigation professionals to create target profiles to track online activities, and identify social connections and criminal activities.

Create Target Profiles

Auto-generate an accurate identity profile from dozens of open sources with only one click.

Track Suspect Activities Across the Web

Prevent loss of critical intelligence information by tracking target activities on social platforms, search engines, mobile applications and more.

Identify Social Connections

Use your new database to enrich and improve your current intelligence infrastructure.

Web Intelligence

Monitor keywords, hashtags and online groups to perform targeting-based profiling for all types of social media content and activities.

The WEBINT Profiler supports the entire range of  operational workflows, and generates intelligence about specific topics, events, and targets. It enables intelligence professionals to gather a wide range of information including Internet account details, nicknames, phone numbers, addresses, document files, images and videos. It also enables them to follow online groups, create watchlists to monitor and analyze the social activities of specific targets, and analyze text, links, and sentiments.

Focused Crawler

Data Filtering

Diverse Sources

Text Extraction

Dark Web Monitor

Collect data and analyze covert content from multiple Dark Web sources and market places.

Today, most criminal and terrorist activities are hidden from the worldwide web and exist underground in the depths of the dark web – also known as the Darknet. The collection and monitoring of information from Darknet sources creates unique challenges for intelligence professionals and requires specialized tools and techniques.

Our Darknet Intelligence Suite helps intelligence agencies and business organizations go undercover to identify and monitor targets, mitigate threats to public safety, and provide real-time information of suspicious behavior and target-related activities.

Dark Web Dashboard

Gain direct access to all Darknet system modules and utilities via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Advanced Crawler Robots

Run advanced Crawler Robots on any standard browser to gather information from Darknet sources.

Dark Web Search Engine

Easy-to-use search interface enables users to run a search by category or keyword with drill-down results.

Transform the Web into a Powerful Intelligence & Investigation Tool

Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries and users