OSINT Name/Nickname Reverse Search

Use our OSINT name search, to lookup the identity behind usernames online, using dozens of sources online as a reference point.

Gather information on any social media profile, and analyze online activity.

Use IRBIS – our powerful OSINT tool, and get access to contact information including phone numbers, online accounts, email addresses, social media accounts, and much more!

From a Single Username Into Detailed & Reliable Identity Data

Financial institutions and governments worldwide use our reverse OSINT  username lookup to improve risk assessment procedures. With an accurate reverse username search you can achieve the following: 

Verify Visual Identities

Automatically Detect and Collect Social ID Profiles

Validate Personal Information at Scale

Evaluate Social Posts and Personal Preferences

Locate Alternative Names/Nicknames

Evaluate Social Connections

Take a free tour on IRBIS, enter the username you would like to learn more about, and test drive our username lookup tool! It is as easy as using a search engine.

With IRBIS you’ll be able to perform:

  • Reverse username lookup
  • Understand users’s social networking
  • Find social media sites and dating profiles.
  • And more!
Open source intelligence tools help harness many data sources and cross-reference information in order to better validate accuracy.
    "id": "targetUsername",
    "targetName": "name1",
    "imsi": "imsiNumber1",
    "base64TargetImage": ""
    "synopsis": "",
    "isSuspect": false,
    "gender": "UNKNOWN",
    "listOfBase64TargetImages": [],
    "mapOfBase64TargetImages": {
        "app1": [" "]
        "app2": " "
        "app3": " "
        "app4": " "
        "app5": " "
        "app6": " "
        "app7": " "
    "foundNames": [
    "foundImages": [
    "foundEmails": [
    "foundSocialProfileId": [

Online User Discovery: Powerful Tools for Uncovering Information

Username finder (lookup): A username finder is a potent tool for those needing to obtain information about a specific online user. By inputting a username, you can swiftly gather details such as social media accounts, email addresses, and more. The username lookup (finder) streamlines the process of gathering relevant data all in one location.

Reverse lookup search: A reverse search tool enables you to look for information based on a specific data point, such as a phone number, email address, or username. This tool is particularly helpful when limited information is available about a user, and more data is required to identify them. A reverse username search effectively locates information about a user using only their username.

Username lookup tool: A username lookup tool is a valuable asset for anyone seeking information about a specific internet user. This tool allows for quick and easy searches of a user’s social media profiles, email addresses, and other online accounts. Whether you’re aiming to connect with someone or verify their identity, a username lookup tool can assist you in finding the necessary information.

User ID Search (finder): A user ID finder is a powerful instrument for uncovering information about a specific user on a website or platform. By inputting a user’s ID or username, you can rapidly access details such as their profile, posts, and comments. A user ID finder enables you to understand a user’s online habits and preferences, informing your marketing approach or social media engagement.

User profile search (lookup0: A user profile search is a handy tool for locating information about a specific user on social media or other online platforms. By entering a user’s username or ID, you can promptly obtain details like their profile picture, bio, and activity. This information can be beneficial for verifying a user’s identity or learning about their interests and preferences. Utilizing a user profile lookup can provide valuable insights into your audience, allowing you to customize your marketing or engagement strategy accordingly.