OSINT Name/Nickname Reverse Search

Use our OSINT name search, to lookup the identity behind usernames online, using dozens of sources online as a reference point.

Gather information on any social media profile, and analyze online activity.

Use IRBIS – our powerful OSINT tool, and get access to contact information including phone numbers, online accounts, email addresses, social media accounts, and much more!

From a Single Username Into Detailed & Reliable Identity Data

Financial institutions and governments worldwide use our reverse OSINT  username lookup to improve risk assessment procedures. With an accurate reverse username search you can achieve the following: 

Verify Visual Identities

Automatically Detect and Collect Social ID Profiles

Validate Personal Information at Scale

Evaluate Social Posts and Personal Preferences

Locate Alternative Names/Nicknames

Evaluate Social Connections

Take a free tour on IRBIS, enter the username you would like to learn more about, and test drive our username lookup tool! It is as easy as using a search engine.

With IRBIS you’ll be able to perform:

  • Reverse username lookup
  • Understand users’s social networking
  • Find social media sites and dating profiles.
  • And more!
Open source intelligence tools help harness many data sources and cross-reference information in order to better validate accuracy.
    "id": "targetUsername",
    "targetName": "name1",
    "imsi": "imsiNumber1",
    "base64TargetImage": ""
    "synopsis": "",
    "isSuspect": false,
    "gender": "UNKNOWN",
    "listOfBase64TargetImages": [],
    "mapOfBase64TargetImages": {
        "app1": [" "]
        "app2": " "
        "app3": " "
        "app4": " "
        "app5": " "
        "app6": " "
        "app7": " "
    "foundNames": [
    "foundImages": [
    "foundEmails": [
    "foundSocialProfileId": [