Maritime Intelligence

How seaports use OSINT to identify illegal activity and threats

The Challenges

Seaports face many potential security and terror threats and risks from incoming vessels and vehicles, to crew members and personnel, to the cargo within the containers. With so many potential risk sources, it can be extremely challenging to track and monitor vessels and vehicles, profile crew members and personnel and closely audit containers and cargos to identify, mitigate and prevent these threats.

Leverage Accurate and Actionable Risk Intelligence to Enhance Maritime Security

ESPY offers a Maritime Intelligence solution that is built to enhance seaport security. This purpose-built investigative platform enables seaport security officers to monitor and analyze any suspicious activity in and around the port. To meet modern and evolving threats, the platform uses open-source intelligence and data-driven, AI-based analysis.

By collecting a wide range of OSINT from social media, dark web, deep web, and all existing port systems, ESPY aggregates and validates all intelligence sources to enable operators to assess security risks and make informed decisions on authorizing port access.

From crew member profiling to container tracking, vessel traffic records, and the discovery of hidden social connections. ESPY Maritime Intelligence detects threats in-depth and on-time. When a crew member has been radicalized, a vessel has docked at a terror hotspot, or a truck driver has a criminal record, you’ll know about it. The ESPY unified platform enhances existing seaport security infrastructure and is scalable and easy to integrate. ESPY expands the intelligence picture with proactive techniques and enables safer and smarter seaports.

This empowers seaport security officers to quickly and efficiently:

Monitor Vessels in Port and Sea

Profile Crew Members and Personnel

Audit Containers and Cargo

Identify Criminal Security Threats

Reveal Suspicious Behavioral Patterns

Identify Anomalies in Vessel Routes