Public Opinion Monitoring & Assesment Platform

Industry-leading OSINT platform for monitoring brand reputations, political views and other issues on the public agenda


Setup Scope for Public Opinion Monitor

Define the target segment using hashtags, social groups and profile IDs.


Auto-Generate Actionable Insights

Collect data and analyzes content from multiple types of social networks, digital media sources, closed forum.


Further Investigate with AI Analysis Tools

Identify key roles within communities and uncover social hierarchy.


Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

Auto-alert on pre-defined keywords, faces, social connections and more.

Automatically Monitor and Analyze Public Opinion on a Massive Scale

Using the worldwide web as your own intelligence source

Social Networks Are Key to Accurately Monitoring Public Opinion and Trends

ESPY’s Public Opinion Monitor enables researchers and analysts to mine and analyze individual and group opinions and sentiments about specific issues, events and topics. This is extremely useful for monitoring brand reputations, political views and other issues on the public agenda.

Accurate Analysis Per Segments

Assess public opinion among specific segments of the entire population.

Smart Segmentation

Enables you to filter and strategically segment collected data by country, region, phone numbers, IDs, pictures, emails, and more.

Integrate with Current Systems

Use your new database to enrich and improve your current intelligence infrastructure.

Transform the Web into a Powerful Intelligence & Investigation Tool

Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries and users