Influence Public Opinion Using Social Engineering at Mass Scale

Manage the activity of digital identities across various social networks, to influence public sentiments and perceptions around important issues


Set up a Simulated Interactions Plan

Manage simulated interactions easily using a predefined schedule for planning and setting times and content.


Easily Adjust and Manage Simulation Plans

Easily manage plans and edit settings such as passwords, proxies, login types, and more.


Enjoy a User Freindly

Subscriber profiles and activities are continuously monitored using the advanced AI alerting system.


Influence Public Opinion

Gain followers and spread support amongst real users, while avoiding being flagged on social media platforms.

Create Multiple Simulated Interactions to Influence the Public Without Exposure

Using the worldwide web as your own influence tool

Gain Control Over Public Opinion and Sentiment at Scale

Since virtual identities such as social media profiles are now the main channel that people use for self-expression, it has become more and more important to monitor the way people communicate with each other, express their opinions and influence public opinion.

ESPY’s Simulated Interaction Platform enables users to leverage simulated interactions on different social media platforms to monitor and influence sentiments and perceptions around important issues and without exposure. 

Influence Public Opinion At Scale

Gain followers and spread support or opposition amongst real users on various social media platforms.

Undiscoverable Operations

Use operational-security and module atomization tools to avoid being flagged on social media platforms.

Integrate with Current Systems

Easily integrate with your current intelligence infrastructure.

Transform the Web into a Powerful Intelligence & Investigation Tool

Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries and users