Used WebPilot X-osint: The Super Spy Tool

X-osint is a groundbreaking tool that’s like a super spy for information gathering. Developed by TermuxHackz, it’s an open-source intelligent framework that anyone can use for free. It’s capable of finding a wide range of information, from details about a phone number, email address, or IP address, to finding hosts, ports, and subdomains. It can even find exploits in the Open Source Vulnerability Database, ensuring your software is safe.

Installing and using X-osint is as simple as following a recipe. Once Python 3 is installed on your computer, you can download X-osint from its GitHub page, extract it, and run a few commands to set it up. Using X-osint is like using a search engine – you tell it what you want to find, and it does the work for you.

Beyond these basic features, X-osint also offers Google Dork Hacking and License Plate OSINT. Google Dork Hacking allows you to use Google’s search engine to find hidden information, while License Plate OSINT lets you gather information about a car’s license plate. These features make X-osint a versatile tool for anyone interested in information gathering.