IRBIS: Elevating Digital Onboarding in Online Casinos & eGaming

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Enhancing Onboarding Security with IRBIS

Securing the Onboarding Gateway: Your First Line of Defense

The onboarding stage is crucial in protecting your business from fraud. Chargebacks, identity theft, and other risks often start with fraudulent user onboarding. IRBIS offers a solid defense at this critical point.

Advanced Risk Monitoring with IRBIS

IRBIS helps you set up strong risk monitoring rules, ensuring only trustworthy users join your platform. It also helps you comply with PEP and Sanctions list checks, avoiding fines and keeping your operations clean.

Deep User Insights with IRBIS

Understanding Users Right from the Start

IRBIS gives you a detailed view of users from the beginning. It gathers unique data and uses smart risk scoring to build complete user profiles. A missing online presence, for example, can signal risk, easily spotted with just a phone number or email.

Device Fingerprinting: Stopping Fraud in Its Tracks

IRBIS’s device fingerprinting uncovers fraud rings and stops bonus abuse. It analyzes many data points to protect your promotions and offers from fraud.

IRBIS: Essential for KYC and AML

IRBIS is invaluable for KYC and AML. It boosts customer intelligence, cuts KYC costs, and sharpens risk models. It’s a top pre-KYC tool in fintech and iGaming, performing thorough AML checks.

Boosting Online Casino Security with IRBIS

IRBIS transforms online casino security. It streamlines identity checks, enhancing safety and player experience.

Success Story: A Top Online Casino

A leading casino adopted IRBIS and saw:

Better Player Verification: IRBIS quickly verified identities, reducing fraud. Improved Player Experience: Smooth onboarding increased player satisfaction and loyalty. Compliance Ease: IRBIS helped the casino meet tough regulations, avoiding legal issues. IRBIS in eGaming: Strategic Onboarding

An eGaming site using IRBIS enjoyed:

Fast Player Onboarding: Players registered easily, boosting engagement. Accurate Risk Management: IRBIS helped assess player risks, guiding strategy. Insightful Data: The site gained valuable player insights, enhancing marketing and services. Why IRBIS Stands Out

IRBIS excels in digital onboarding with:

Thorough Identity Checks: It offers deep analysis beyond basic data. AI-Driven Solutions: IRBIS uses AI to predict and prevent fraud. Easy Integration: It fits smoothly into existing systems, improving efficiency.

IRBIS is more than a tool; it’s a strategic ally for online casinos and eGaming, ensuring secure and enjoyable digital onboarding. Choose IRBIS for a safe, efficient, and engaging user experience.

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