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Discover concealed threats using IRBIS PRO.

Your subscription-powered investigation Profiler 🔍.

No more settling for surface-level checks. Dive deeper with IRBIS PRO, the SaaS tool built for meticulously dissecting risky profiles. Uncover the truth lurking beneath the surface, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

How it works

IRBIS – People Search operates by aggregating and analyzing vast data sets, providing actionable intelligence for strategic and operational decision-making

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IRBIS PRO - Investigation Profiler

Harness the power of OSINT with IRBIS PRO. This advanced OSINT tool equips investigation agencies, hiring teams, and private detectives with cutting-edge OSINT techniques. Delve deep into data, uncovering hidden links, financial warnings, and potential risks. Say goodbye to superficial checks and embrace comprehensive OSINT analysis.

Top-class group monitoring
and profile analysis for targeted groups.
Investigation Centers
Utilize diverse data retrieval for
comprehensive investigations and analysis.
Employment Screening
Make well-informed hiring decisions with
thorough background checks.

Profiler for OSINT Professionals​

Transcend basic background checks: Forget name and address. Our investigative toolkit drills deep, revealing hidden connections, financial red flags, and potential threats you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Sharpen your risk assessment: Predict behaviors, identify vulnerabilities, and stay ahead of potential problems with our AI-powered profiling and risk scoring system. No more gut feelings, just confident decisions based on actionable insights.

Make informed decisions with confidence: Leave guesswork behind. IRBIS PRO delivers the precise intel you need to make confident decisions, every time.

IRBIS PRO – Investigation Profiler: Your all-in-one digital detective, ready to tackle any case.

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Irbis Pro is tailored for security professionals, investigators, and hiring personnel seeking a robust platform for scrutinizing risky profiles

With extensive data accessibility and user profiling features, Irbis Pro transforms raw data into actionable insights, facilitating thorough investigations.

Yes, Sign-up for a limited access. A full video demo is available on the Irbis Pro section showcasing its capabilities. 

Irbis Pro operates on a subscription-based pricing model, please contact us for more details.

We offer robust support to ensure you can effectively utilize Irbis Pro for your investigative needs. Contact us for more information.

Data security is paramount, and Irbis Pro adheres to stringent security protocols to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.

Finding the right solution

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