NEXFIL Finding Profiles By Username

NExfil is an OSINT tool written in python for finding profiles by username. The provided usernames are checked on over 350 websites within few seconds. The goal behind this tool was to get results quickly while maintaining low amounts of false positives.


  • Fast, lookup can complete under 20 seconds
  • Over 300 platforms are included
  • Batch processing
    • Usernames can be provided from commandline
    • List of usernames can be provided from a file
  • Results are automatically saved in txt file
  • JSON and CSV file formats [Coming Soon]
  • Proxy support [Coming Soon]
  • Tor support [Coming Soon]


git clone
cd nexfil
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


usage: [-h] [-u U] [-f F] [-l L] [-t T] [-v] [-U]

nexfil - Find social media profiles on the web | v1.0.1

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -u U        Specify username
  -f F        Specify a file containing username list
  -l L        Specify multiple comma separated usernames
  -t T        Specify timeout [Default : 5]
  -v          Prints version
  -U          Check for Updates

Single username

python3 -u username

Multiple comma separated usernames

python3 -l "user1,user2"

Username list in a file

python3 -f users.txt

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  Posted by: @ESPYER

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