Poastal: The Essential Guide to Email Analysis


Poastal is an innovative email Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool that offers a wealth of information about any given email address. Designed to answer several key questions about an email address, Poastal is a crucial tool for anyone seeking to gather intelligence from email data.

What Poastal Does:

Poastal provides a range of features that help users understand more about an email address. These features include:

– Determining the name of the person associated with the email.

– Checking if the email is deliverable or not.

– Identifying if the email is disposable or not.

– Checking if the email is considered spam.

– Checking if the email is registered on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Parler, Rumble, MeWe, Imgur, Adobe, WordPress, and Duolingo.

How to Install Poastal:

Installing Poastal is straightforward. First, ensure that you have the necessary requirements installed. You can do this by running the following command in your terminal:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Next, navigate to the backend folder and run the poastal.py file to start the Flask app. This will point to port 8080. You can do this by running the following command:

How to Use Poastal:

Using Poastal is as simple as opening the index.html file in the root directory to use the User Interface (UI). Once the UI is open, enter an email address and see the results. You can test the functionality with an example email address, such as [email protected].

There’s also a new GitHub module. If you open up github.py, you’ll see a section that asks you to replace it with your own API key.

Use Case Scenarios:

Cybersecurity Analysis: Poastal can be used by cybersecurity analysts to gather intelligence about a suspicious email address. By determining if the email is deliverable, disposable, or considered spam, analysts can gain insights into potential threats.

Social Media Investigations: Investigators can use Poastal to check if an email address is registered on popular platforms. This can help in tracking the digital footprint of a person of interest.


Poastal is a valuable tool for OSINT investigations, providing crucial insights into email addresses. The developer is open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve Poastal, demonstrating a commitment to serving the OSINT community. Whether you’re a cybersecurity analyst, a social media investigator, or just curious, Poastal is a tool worth exploring.

Remember: Knowledge is power, but it comes with great responsibility.

For more OSINT resources and techniques, stay tuned to our blog and explore the exciting world of Open-Source Intelligence.

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