Digital Onboarding & Registration Monitoring

Forget fake accounts, bonus cheats, and sneaky self-exclusion attempts! With IRBIS guarding our gates, these unwelcome guests are down by a whopping 80%. That frees up mountains of time to craft a smooth onboarding journey and keep a vigilant eye on every registration, ensuring only real users enter. IRBIS lets us welcome the right kind of guests, the ones who build a thriving platform, not break it.

Why Choose IRBIS for Onboarding & Registration Monitoring?

Strangle signup scams, not conversions!

IRBIS uses AI to streamline onboarding, blocking fraudsters without ditching real users.

Say goodbye to bonus abuse and wonky stats! IRBIS keeps your numbers honest, fueling smarter decisions. 

Ditch phantom fans and inflated marketing. IRBIS weeds out fakes, fostering real connections and genuine trust.

Welcome the right kind of guests with IRBIS – the onboarding MVP.

"Fraud was our constant headache, killing conversions and zapping our team's time. IRBIS came in, streamlined onboarding with AI, and slashed false positives from 3% to 0.2% – all without IT hassles. Now, happy users, happy team, happy us. IRBIS isn't just fraud prevention, it's platform peace of mind."
Laurent Grapp
Fraud Prevent Team lead

with IRBIS

Before they even knock, kick out fraudsters! The moment users start signing up, IRBIS guards your door, stopping chargebacks, identity theft, and scams like bonus abuse and fake accounts. Take control with powerful risk rules and built-in checks for PEPs and sanctions lists. No more fines or headaches. IRBIS paints a full picture of who’s signing up. No online footprint? Shady email or phone number? Weird IP address? We raise red flags, so you can investigate. Boost your customer knowledge, simplify KYC, and refine risk scoring with our detailed data. Fintech, iGaming, and more trust IRBIS as their pre-KYC solution. It seamlessly integrates with your existing AML checks, too. Welcome honest users, not headaches. Get IRBIS Onboarding today!

AI-Driven Defense

Fraud evolves, but IRBIS evolves faster. Our AI learns with every click and signup, sniffing out hidden patterns and new scams before they cause trouble. Forget playing catch-up with fraudsters – IRBIS stays ahead of the curve, like a super-powered security guard who constantly ups their game. Rest easy knowing your platform is protected by the ultimate fraud-fighting champ. Upgrade your onboarding to IRBIS and stay ahead of the pack.



Spot Suspicious Connections

Discover More Than Just IP Addresses. Reveal the real sources of customer connections using IRBIS’s IP address check. Find out if locations don’t match by comparing geolocation data with given addresses. Quickly spot the use of VPNs, proxies, and the Tor network, often used to hide identities. Link IP information with device fingerprinting for a top method to find connections between users.



Block Fraud with Digital Clues

Trace the clues from emails and phone numbers to distinguish real customers from fraudsters. Check social profiles, confirm email address authenticity, and examine phone number backgrounds for any mismatches. Use the truth that making many fake social and digital profiles is expensive and usually skipped by fraudsters.



Detect Fraud with AI Name Verification

Utilizing AI, we identify fraud in new account creations by examining username patterns. This process involves collecting different usernames associated with a single phone number or email, then thoroughly comparing these to reveal concealed connections and detect deceitful behaviors.



Benefits for Your Platform

Easy Onboarding: Effortless for real users. IRBIS ensures fast, smooth sign-ups for genuine customers, reducing drop-offs and boosting happiness.

Enhance Trust and Safety: Create a secure, trustworthy space. IRBIS halts fraudsters, making a safe zone for real users, encouraging trust and loyalty.

Boost Conversions: Turn prospects into devoted clients. IRBIS makes onboarding smooth for real users, refining your conversion process and drawing more valuable sign-ups.


Safeguarding with IRBIS’
Anti-Fraud Solutions

Digital Wallets

Streamline due diligence, conquer regulations, inspire confidence.

Investing Operations

Verify faster, stay compliant, outsmart fraudsters.

Direct Debits

Secure transactions, identify suspicious activity, ensure global compliance.

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IRBIS for Digital Onboarding & Registration Monitoring

IRBIS is an AI-powered solution that protects your digital platform from fraud during onboarding and registration by verifying user identities and detecting suspicious activity.

IRBIS helps prevent account takeovers, fake accounts, bonus abuse, multi-accounting, and more.

IRBIS utilizes multiple tools like device fingerprinting, IP address checks, social media analysis, and advanced behavioral monitoring to identify potential fraudsters and suspicious activity.

Yes, IRBIS offers flexible integration options to seamlessly adapt to your existing platform.

Yes, IRBIS seamlessly integrates with your existing compliance workflow, enhancing overall user verification and risk assessment.

By streamlining onboarding for genuine users and reducing fraudulent registrations, IRBIS can significantly increase your conversion rate.

IRBIS pricing depends on your specific needs and platform size. Contact us for a customized quote.


Finding the right solution

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