Phone Number Lookup

Search any phone number worldwide, to identify related names, images and other info directly collected from mobile applications.

OSINT Data Sources:

Empowering Intelligence with Advanced AI Tools

Sentiment Analysis

Utilize our cutting-edge system that employs advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to scrutinize text content, assigning sentiment scores that highlight the positive or negative connotations within the data.

Trending Topics:

Gain a competitive edge by harnessing our intelligence on trending topics from specific geographic regions. Our platform provides crucial insights to intelligence analysts, particularly when viral trends have geographic relevance, aiding in their investigations.

Speech to Text Conversion

Seamlessly transform audio and video content into written text in multiple languages. This feature allows for rapid understanding of the content and enhances speech analytics, boosting the effectiveness of your investigative procedures.

Sophisticated Image Analysis

Our system offers superior image analysis capabilities, including Optical Character Recognition, Automatic Face Detection, and Image Entity Extraction. Whether it's extracting text from images or identifying objects like glasses, hats, or cars, our tools provide you with a deeper comprehension of visual content.

Result Visualization

Engage with a visually appealing interface that displays activity timelines, pie charts, and Visual Entity Relationship Graphs (VLN) to showcase relationships and connections. This intuitive visualization simplifies the interpretation of complex data and assists in developing a thorough understanding of criminal networks.

Named-Entity Recognition

Interact with a visually stimulating interface that displays activity timelines, pie charts, and Visual Entity Relationship Graphs (VLN) to illustrate relationships and connections. This user-friendly visualization simplifies the interpretation of complex data and aids in constructing a comprehensive understanding of criminal networks.

Email Lookup

Enrich any Email Address with social network ID, phone number, and more reliable OSINT Data from websites & apps.

OSINT Data Sources:

Social Network ID Lookup

Reverse a social network ID into email and/or phone number. 

OSINT Data Sources:

OSINT Center Saas

Full Scale Investigation Platform

OSINT Lookup Pricing Packages


Get started with our OSINT tools
10 Monthly
  • 10€ Monthly Credit
  • Use All Lookup Types
  • Basic Support


Explore plan with most common sources
28 Monthly
  • 28€ Monthly Credit
  • Use All Lookup Types
  • Basic Support


Ideal package for OSINT Professionals
499 Monthly
  • 499€ Monthly Credit
  • Full Scale OSINT
  • Premium Support


Fully customized for your needs
  • Custom Credit Amount
  • Choose Your Sources
  • Enrich Search Criteria
  • SLA Support (Annual Plans)

Web Intelligence (WEBINT) Solutions for Your Service

Data mining with ESPY Web Intelligence Solutions. Producing Actionable Real-Time Intelligence from main online sources.

Accelerate Your Intelligence and Investigation Activities

Produce fast, accurate and actionable intelligence from dozens of open sources online

Real-Time Intelligence From Dozens of Sources

Collect information from the widest range of OSINT sources – including surface web, deep web and dark web

Full Suite of Investigation & AI Analysis Tools

Get everything you need to utilize the worldwide web for your own intelligence and investigation activities

Automated OSINT Collection and Reporting

Enable investigators and analysts to produce fast, accurate and actionable intelligence from open sources

Intuitive & Integrated with Existing Systems

Benefit from smooth integration between any ESPY solution and your existing intelligence infrastructure

The Growing Need for Automated OSINT and WEBINT Solutions

The amount of data generated in our interconnected world is immeasurable – with a large portion being publicly available to any user, at any time, and from anywhere. This data can be abused for malicious purposes, but it can also be used to identify and mitigate those same threats using methodologies such as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

OSINT involves the collection, processing, and correlating of publicly-available data to generate insights and address specific intelligence requirements. But while accessing such data may be free and legally-accessible, the amount of data is vast, it is not always relevant or easy to access, and it is often difficult to decipher.

The solution lies in our Web Intelligence solutions, which  automate these processes and reduce the time spent gathering information, allow for anonymous research, and give access to more sources.

Everything You Need to Accelerate Your OSINT & WEBINT Investigation

ESPY solutions include a complete suite of modular, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation support applications that accelerate activities through a synergy of technology, industry
know-how and intelligence expertise.

These solutions leverage our intelligence-driven, Big Data platform, which collects information from a variety of open sources, social media, and surface, deep and dark web to enable your system operators, researchers, analysts, and investigators to quickly generate actionable insights and give you full visibility and control.

Transform the Web into a Powerful Intelligence & Investigation Tool

Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries and users