How to increase your anonymity during Internet surfing.

By default, every ISP can observe Internet traffic statistics of every subscriber.

Not everyone want allows to observe his Internet activity History.

In some cases, the problem may be solved by usage of VPN services. But such solutions also have bottleneck, for example when you are using VPN all your traffic shown as multiple session but between single IP addresses, which make such activity as suspicious. ISP when observe such scenario may cut the session to deprecate usage of VPN.


Great solution for such situation is Chrome Chaff.

It is Chrome extension which create visualization of internet activity: visiting Twitter or Facebook or other social networks accounts, Spotify and so.

Such behavior creates tons records in Internet activity list, in between them the real sessions of subscriber.

It is great tactics to “hide in plant sight”, you traffic becomes a needle in a haystack.

In most cases, the ISP will not notice the connection to VPN server.


– Multiple Search Engine Support

– User definable seed URLs- Use bookmarks as seed URLs

– Tunable options to match your browsing behavior

– Auto Mode feature automatically starts Chaff when the computer becomes idle

– Prevents popup windows and mutes audio while randomly browsing 


1. Define your custom URL sources and other configuration options to match your intended web browsing behavior.

2. Click the Chaff icon to the right of the URL box to turn Chaff on. A new pinned tab will be created on the far left of your other tabs where the random browsing will occur.

3. Click the Chaff icon again to turn Chaff off.


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  Posted by: @ESPYER


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