GHunt – Investigate Google accounts.


GHunt: A Comprehensive OSINT Tool

GHunt stands as a revolutionary OSINT tool, uniquely designed to adapt and grow over the years. It employs a range of sophisticated techniques to delve into the intricacies of Google accounts and associated objects. With its modular design, GHunt currently boasts specialized modules for emails, documents, YouTube, and GAIA, offering a multifaceted approach to digital investigations.

The Evolution of GHunt

GHunt is undergoing a significant transformation, evolving into a more versatile tool. The aim is to enable its use as a Python library, thereby eliminating the need for Selenium and Google Chrome dependencies. This refactoring process involves the integration of definition types and asynchronous programming, setting the stage for the much-anticipated version 2 of GHunt.

GHunt’s Investigative Capabilities

What sets GHunt apart is its ability to uncover a wealth of information from Google accounts. Here’s what GHunt can reveal:

  1. Owner’s Identity: Discover the name of the account owner.
  2. Gaia ID Unveiling: Uncover the unique Gaia ID associated with the account.
  3. Profile Activity: Track when the profile was last edited.
  4. Profile Picture Analysis: Not only can GHunt retrieve profile pictures, but it can also detect if the picture is custom.
  5. Hangouts Bot Detection: Determine if the account operates as a Hangouts Bot.
  6. Google Service Activation: Identify which Google services are active, such as YouTube, Photos, Maps, News360, and Hangouts.
  7. YouTube Channel Possibilities: Explore potential connections to YouTube channels.
  8. Alternate Usernames: Unearth possible alternate usernames linked to the account.
  9. Google Maps Reviews Insight: Gain access to the user’s Google Maps reviews.
  10. Physical Location Estimation: Estimate the user’s physical location based on their digital footprint.
  11. Google Calendar Events: Access events listed in the user’s Google Calendar.
  12. Organizational Affiliations: Discover the user’s work and educational organizations.
  13. Contact Information: Retrieve contact emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

GHunt: A Tool for the Future

GHunt is not just an OSINT tool; it’s a gateway to a new era of digital investigations. With its ongoing enhancements and user-friendly design, GHunt is poised to become an indispensable asset for professionals in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and online investigations. Stay tuned for the latest updates and prepare to experience the power of GHunt in your investigative endeavors.

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