GHunt – Investigate Google accounts.



GHunt is a modulable OSINT tool designed to evolve over the years, and incorporates many techniques to investigate Google accounts, or objects.
It currently has emaildocumentyoutube and gaia modules.

GHunt is being completely refactored, to allow use as a Python library, removing Selenium and Google Chrome dependencies, using definition types and async, to prepare for v2.

What can GHunt find?

  • Owner’s name
  • Gaia ID
  • Last time the profile was edited
  • Profile picture (+ detect custom picture)
  • If the account is a Hangouts Bot
  • Activated Google services (YouTube, Photos, Maps, News360, Hangouts, etc.)
  • Possible YouTube channel
  • Possible other usernames
  • Google Maps reviews 
  • Possible physical location 
  • Events from Google Calendar 
  • Organizations (work & education) 
  • Contact emails 
  • Contact phones 
  • Addresses


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  Posted by: @ESPYER