Well, it’s the turn of face recognition?

Objectively, the most interesting part of the study.

And this block, no matter what you think, is not the only Search4faces. Gathered here is the obvious (sinful, we repent) and the non-obvious. But the last one is more!


Instadp is a service that allows you to download a full-size profile picture from Instagram. is an analogue of FindFace (R.I.P.). Collects information about the VK profile. Strengths: a large archive of historical data.

Betaface is a service for comparative photo analysis. There is a suspicion that the same person is in two different photos? Check it out!

Tineye is a service that searches for the original source of the image, as well as all related domains.

Reverse Image Search is a service for searching for similar images and sites related to the original.

Searchface – here you can download photos of VK users from the specified city, and then form this data into a biometric database. Linked to profiles!

PicTriev is a service that allows you to determine the age of a person in a picture.

Face – face comparison.


The next section is a search by maps and description. Let’s say you managed to determine the approximate area or approximate location of the shooting. OK! What’s next? Google Maps, or more specifically, Street View. Someone may be surprised, but the percentage of successful searches using this method is prohibitive. Check out the satellite imagery section. This is your faithful servant, comrade and brother.

 FreeMapTools is a service with advanced features for searching on a map.

OpenStreetMap is a community site for mapmakers who add and update data about roads, trails, cafes, train stations and other objects around the world.


Life hack: if there are unique objects in the photo with the target that can be described in words, you can try to drive a query into the search engine (in Russian or English).


“And if it doesn’t work out?” – you ask. It happens. For example, there are mountains in the background, and it is simply impossible to embrace their number. Wikimapia – that’s what can improve the situation. Here you can filter the request for anything you like. Here, take the same mountains – select “Show all mountain ranges” and study the map until we find something similar. Painstakingly? Well, yes! That is the way.


Let’s recap? These tools are enough to carry out a complex breakdown of the photo. But is it the end? No, of course not. We just collected everything that is used in everyday life. And used effectively! But OSINT is limitless.



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