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How to protect your PRIVACY?

Start with contacts on your smartphone

🔖 Absolutely all contacts stored on your phone are copied to servers, be it Google cloud (Android) or iCloud (Apple). If you do not want the authorities to be able to access your address book through the courts, disable the synchronization of contacts to the cloud service.

🔖 Your Google or Apple accounts can also become a target for hackers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, use passwords generated by a trusted password manager and remember to enable two-factor authentication.

🔖 Want to permanently delete contacts from iCloud cloud? Erase the numbers in the Contacts app first, but don’t turn off sync just yet. After that, the contact will be deleted on the Apple servers. Once this happens, you can disable sync. This prevents new recordings on your smartphone from syncing with iCloud.

🔖 Contacts stored on Google servers can be deleted directly at contacts.google.com. They will also be removed from apps that sync with Google Contacts. Before you save the deleted number again, turn off Google Contacts sync.

A few alternatives:

📞 Download the Signal messenger. By communicating with the source, you will be sure that the application uses the minimum amount of metadata.


📞 Anonymous service for whistleblowers SecureDrop allows you to establish contact between a journalist and a source without disclosing a phone number, email or even IP address.

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