Obtain a target’s phone number by his email.


OSINT tool that allows you to obtain a target’s phone number just by having his email address.

For full details check: https://www.martinvigo.com/email2phonenumber

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfvqhDUn81s

IMPORTANT: *email2phonenumber is a proof-of-concept tool I wrote during my research on new OSINT methodologies to obtain a target’s phone number. The supported services (Ebay, Lastpass, Amazon and Twitter) have long added protections to protect from these type of scraping like having to receive a code over email first or simply adding captchas. There are of course many other sites that are still leaking phone number digits but I am focused on other research projects. Feel free to submit pull request if you want to add support for new sites.

This tool helps automate discovering someone’s phone number by abusing password reset design weaknesses and publicly available data. It supports 3 main functions:

  • “scrape” – scrapes websites for phone number digits by initiating password reset using the target’s email address
  • “generate” – creates a list of valid phone numbers based on the country’s Phone Numbering Plan publicly available information
  • “bruteforce” – iterates over a list of phone numbers and initiates password reset on different websites to obtain associated masked emails and correlate it to the victim’s one

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