Search people by time and place…

The variable selection of services is designed to collect data about content (posts, photos, videos) posted at a specific point in time at given geographic coordinates.

The collection will also help you get data about the users of these services who were at a certain time in a certain place. This is especially true for Telegram users, whose geolocation can be obtained without taking into account the content posted.

Additional sources: (YouTube) (YouTube) (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, VK and Weibu) (VK) (VK) (VK) (Twitter: geocode:13.08,80.27,100km) (Twitter) (Twitter) (Twitter) (Twitter) (Twitter, FourSquare, Flickr) (Instagram) (Instagram) (Instagram) (Instagram) (Instagram) (Facebook) (SnapChat) (Telegram) (Telegram)


Posted by: @ESPYER