This is an OSINT tool.

The main purpose of SpyScrap is recolect information from different sources like Google, Tinder, Twitter and more. It combines facial recognition methods to filter the results and uses natural language processing for obtaining important entities from the website the user appears. The tool is able to calculate a final score which indicates the amount of public exposition an user has on the Internet. It has two different modules that can work indepently: CLI and Web Interface.

Usage & Results Examples


Tinder is an special case for SpyScrap since you can search directly on the app. You must have used the CLI first to get the sqlite database and put it inside the docker volume on the GUI as the usage instructions indicates.

However, once you have that configured you can start looking for people by name or by company, even you can put an image and wait if the person you are searching is on the social network.



Final Score



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