Telegram Nearby Map

While we often discover OSINT tools and utilities through our own research, credit for this OSINT Tool Review article should be given to multiple experts within the OSINT field who brought this tool to our attention. Additionally, it isn’t every day where we are overly impressed with various OSINT utilities, though we can confidently say that Telegram Nearby Map is in a league of its very own. (

Telegram Nearby Map uses OpenStreetMap and the official Telegram library to find the position of nearby users.


Every 25 seconds all nearby users will be received with TDLib from Telegram. This includes the distance of every nearby user to “my” location. With three distances from three different points, it is possible to calculate the position of the nearby user.

This only finds Telegram users which have activated the nearby feature. Per default it is deactivated.


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  Posted by: @ESPYER

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