The One Million Tweet Map

Using Maptimize to Visualize Tweets in a World Map

The one million tweet map is an interesting social media tool that you can use to visualize tweets and aggregated Twitter data in a world map. By using The one million tweet map you can run searches specifying a search term or a hashtag and quickly find a heatmap. The One Million Tweet Map is the name that Maptimize gave to this great free social media tool and you can use it freely to find tweets in a map.

For example, let’s say that we are creating a PowerPoint presentation for a given topic, and we need to locate tweets based on a given query. Then we can perform the search and find aggregated data about #powerpoint or just “PowerPoint.

You can also change the visualization to cluster view or heatmap view. Below is an example of the heatmap visualization.


Then you can drill down until finding the individual tweet and get information about who wrote it, the timestamp and the tweet content.

The One Million Tweet Map is a great social media and visualization tool that you can use if you are a community manager or a role related to social media, research or online reputation.

You can use this tool to get reports and then embed in your presentations or if you need to embed the live page, then you can use tools like LiveWeb addin for PowerPoint.

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