Idea by Henk van Ess, Developed by Daniel Endresz and Dan Nemec, GUI by Tormund Gerhardsen | Follow us on Twitter by clicking on our names.

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Open for all people who work for public causes.

1. Getting started

whopostedwhat.com is a non public Facebook keyword search for people who work in the public interest. It allows you to search keywords on specific dates. You are granted access because of your work. We do urge you to donate a small amount of money to keep the server running.


How is it working?
When you want to search on a specific date, you can search only for the year, only the month from a specific year or for a specific date. It is also possible to use two or more keywords like terror attack paris. You can also search in posts who got posted in between two specific dates. It is possible to search in between two years, in between months of different years and in between two specific dates. You can again use more keywords.

2. Get ID

If the ID comes back as ‘0’, wait a few seconds and try again. Sometimes this trips Facebook’s anti-scraping flag.


Example: Paste in the URL from a profile, page or place, like “https://www.facebook.com/zuck”.

3. Search

Specific day

Posts about   on   Search

Specific month

Posts about   on   Search

Specific year

Posts about   on   Search

Example: Find all posts about Facebook from October 2005


Posts about   from   until   Search

Example: Find all posts about Facebook from 4th June 2005 until 8th July 2005


Posts about   from the location (UID)    Search

Example: Find all posts about Facebook from the location (UID) 106423786059675 (corresponds to Buenos Aires)

Posts directly from/Posts associated with

With “Posts from” it is also possible to search posts from pages. If you type in a * (asterisk) into the keyword field or leave it empty, you find every post from or associated with the user.

   about   Search

Example: Find all posts from Mark Zuckerberg about Priscilla

Note: The Instagram tool for searching a Location page for posts made on a specific date was removed on May 12, 2021 after it was discovered that Facebook had disabled the date-filtering feature it relied upon.

Instagram – Posts on Date Tagged With Location

Displays Instagram posts at a location on a certain date or earlier. Instagram will first show you a section called “Top Posts” containing a few rows of photos generated from an algorithm. The posts by date are in the section just below, named “Most Recent”, where photos are sorted chronologically, newest first. Location URL looks like: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/95099702/mgm-grand-las-vegas/

Posts at   on   Search

Example: Find all posts from Las Vegas on July 4, 2019

Thanks to chris topher for the process used to calculate the correct parameters.

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