tw1tter0s1nt: A Simple Guide to Twitter OSINT Investigation


In the age of social media, information is everywhere. But how can you sift through the noise and find exactly what you need? That’s where tools like tw1tter0s1nt come into play. Designed for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations on Twitter, tw1tter0s1nt is a Python tool that automates the process of gathering information from Twitter using the twint library.

What Does tw1tter0s1nt Do?

tw1tter0s1nt offers various modules to help you in your investigation:

  1. usernameSearch: Get usernames of your target’s followers.
  2. keyHunter: Find tweets containing specific keywords.
  3. mailHunter: Search for potential emails.
  4. numHunter: Search for potential phone numbers.
  5. followHunter: Get information on target’s followers.
  6. whoHunter: Find out who your target is following.
  7. soloInvestigation: Get current stats and more on your target.
  8. nearVan: Scrape tweets near a specific city.
  9. link3R: Scrape tweets with/without links.
  10. cl0udchas3r: Scrape tweets with minimum likes/retweets/replies.
  11. shadowHunter: Research shadow banned accounts.
  12. geoLocater: Attempt to grab user’s location.

How to Install tw1tter0s1nt?


Installation Steps

  1. Clone the twint repository: git clone --depth=1
  2. Navigate to the twint directory: cd twint
  3. Install twint: pip3 install . -r requirements.txt
  4. Clone the tw1tter0s1nt repository: git clone
  5. Navigate to the tw1tter0s1nt directory: cd tw1tter0s1nt
  6. Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  7. Make the script executable: chmod +x
  8. Run the script: python3

Who Is This Tool For?

  • Penetration Testers/Ethical Hackers
  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts
  • OSINT investigators

Use Case Scenarios

  • Corporate Investigation: Finding information about competitors or potential business partners.
  • Personal Security: Checking what information about you is publicly available.
  • Criminal Investigation: Gathering evidence or information about suspects.


tw1tter0s1nt is a powerful tool that can simplify the process of Twitter OSINT investigation. Whether you’re a professional investigator or just curious about what’s out there, tw1tter0s1nt provides a user-friendly way to dig into the vast world of Twitter data.


Remember: Knowledge is power, but it comes with great responsibility.

For more OSINT resources and techniques, stay tuned to our blog and explore the exciting world of Open-Source Intelligence.


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