How to identify what information collects about you an website.

Everyone knows that Big Brother is present everywhere: web tracking, cookies and the list goes on.

Each user has a unique identifier, and if the owner does not replace the data, he will be observed very quickly, as they say. Sad story!

Usually sites collect this information for marketing purposes, but we believe that complete anonymity is complete anonymity.

No half measures! You must be invisible always and everywhere.

Okay, so we know that the Internet is an “unfriendly” place (and after all, taking without asking is what it is, if not bad manners?). But let’s say there is a specific site. What data does it collect?

What are we risking when we visit it? Blacklight is the answer.

The service scans a web page and detects which tracking technologies are being used. Here are advertising trackers, and collecting browser fingerprints, and tracking mouse movement, and clicks, and scrolls … In general, protect yourself and learn something new.

And all that is required is just to enter the address of the desired page. And it’s interesting what kind of data for example, Bellingcat collects.

 Even just out of curiosity? Have you heard that looks can be deceiving? We don’t push!


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  Posted by: @ESPYER.

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