Infoooze – (#OSINT) tool

INFOOOZE is NodeJs-based open-source intelligence (#OSINT) tool. It has a number of modules that enable for quick searches.

The following are some of the features:

  1. Insta Recon
  2. Scanner for subdomains
  3. Scan of Ports
  4. Reconfiguration of the user
  5. Mail locater
  6. Extract Exif metadata
  7. Lookup Who Is
  8. IP Address Lookup
  9. Information in the header
  10. The Age of the Domain
  11. Perform a DNS lookup
  12. Lookup by UserAgent
  13. Recon Git
  14. Instagram DP Viwer
  15. Extend URL
  16. Save the results to a file.

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  Posted by: @ESPYER.

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