– new analog of Shodan

Useful disovery engine. scans every IPv4 address and crawls every known website and web application utilizing such protocols as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SMB/CIFS, SSH, Telnet, SQL and others. Collected data is enriched with additional info and available in Search Engine.

Muliple variables of supported protocols search engine has advanced support of the most common network protocols. It means that host response fields are available as search query parameters. The mapping (fields available to search) consists of more than 10,000 fields. It’s increasing continuously with each new protocol supported.

Scan methods

The passive scan method used by identifies products and technologies from about 3 out of 4 host responses. In about a third of cases, the product version is also recognized. Vulnerabilities are identified based on product versions according to the U.S. Government National Vulnerability Database and updated with each new scan. also provides information about exploits availability.

More about tool can be found in following article

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