TikTok hashtag analysis toolset

How to Follow Hashtags on TikTok?

With over 1 billion active users, TikTok is on a roll.

What makes TikTok attractive is something other social media platforms lack. It’s the number of video editing features: filters, stickers, augmented reality, music, and other adjustments.

Hashtags play a big role on TikTok. They help TikTok users to find relevant content, allowing influencers to target specific audiences. For brands, they make it possible to measure their campaigns.

TikTok hashtag analysis toolset -The tool helps to download posts and videos from TikTok for a given set of hashtags over a period of time. Users can create a growing database of posts for specific hashtags which can then be used for further hashtag analysis. It uses the tiktok-scraper Node package to download the posts and videos.

The output of tool can be displayed in tabular form by executing the following command:

python3 hashtag_frequencies.py london 20 -d

which will produce a terminal output similar to the following:

REFERENCE: TikTok hashtag analysis tool

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