TorBot – DarkWeb OSINT Tool


Introduction / Motivation

The idea of developing an open source intelligence tool like TorBot emerged from the deep web itself. Crawling a collection of web pages which has high anonymity and complex data encryption without an index is a tedious task. The crawler in TorBot has to be designed in such a way that the links are identified from a webpage (any webpage) and other links are identified and crawled recursively, then combining all these links to form an index. Each link is then crawled for more links and emails for intelligence information. Unlike surface web discovery tool, a deep web discovery tool is limited for both general and domain-specific search.

Extensive use of Dark web for communication of terrorism-related information makes it a challenge for Law Enforcement Agencies. TorBot should be able to monitor such illegal activities that are happening in this encrypted network. Therefore, this tool will be able to ease the task of finding such activities by an intelligence group or researchers, thus making this the main objective of TorBot.


The main goal of this project is to collect open data from the dark web and use mining algorithms to create an interactive tree diagram.


  1. Onion Crawler (.onion).(Completed)
  2. Returns Page title and address with a short description about the site.(Partially Completed)
  3. Save links to database.(PR to be reviewed)
  4. Get emails from site.(Completed)
  5. Save crawl info to JSON file.(Completed)
  6. Crawl custom domains.(Completed)
  7. Check if the link is live.(Completed)
  8. Built-in Updater.(Completed)
  9. TorBot GUI (In progress)
  10. Social Media integration.(not Started) …(will be updated)


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